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Today, any employee responsible for administering a company network, either as an engineer, administrator or web-master requires knowledge about all aspects of the company's system. As the majority of networks are run using a mixture of products, to specialise in just one area is no longer acceptable for support personnel.

As Unix is one of the most widely used operating systems, it is essential that anyone wanting to follow a technical computer career, know something about it. However, there are thousands of different brands of UNIX available and you could spend a lifetime mastering each one of them. This self study course will save you time and money as it has brought together the most generic aspects of these brands to provide a foundation for understanding any UNIX operating system.

The course includes;

  • The unique VirtualBookTM interactive, multimedia learning environment
  • Over 20 exercises to be completed in a simulated UNIX environment
  • Over 40 hints, additional notes and anecdotes from the author
  • A free UNIX simulator
  • Java runtime environment version 1.2.2-005
  • Unlimited access to student newsgroups and course FAQs.

Admission Requirements

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