• Hosted in the cloud by Eduflex
  • Option to manage your system or choose a Managed Services option, which allows you varying degrees of control in collaboration with services provided by the Eduflex team
  • Assessment pages, certificates and statements of results are customised and branded as per client requirements
  • Provides comprehensive management reports
  • Enables allocation of questions to sections with different weighting of marks
  • Enables random generation of questions
  • Provides immediate user feedback
  • Enables manual capture of marks for practical assessments
  • Can incorporate graphics, video, hyperlinks etc into assessments or individual questions 

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Internet to create, administer and maintain online tests, assessments, quizzes or surveys.

Eduflex’s Online Testing System – VirtualAssessor® – provides you with the infrastructure that enables you to create exams, tests or surveys in an online format. These can be linked to online training modules, or can be used as assessment for other training methods such as face-to-face, DVD, or in a blended scenario.