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About VirtualAssessor™

Benefits of VirtualAssessor™

VirtualAssessor™ employs the latest technology to provide an easy- to- use testing interface and efficient management tool for monitoring and measuring performance, competency, and knowledge.

VirtualAssessor™ enables you to:

  • Determine the training needs of your organization by testing individual job competencies and ascertain where additional training is required.
  • Measure the effectiveness of training by delivering pre and post-training assessments quickly and easily.
  • Monitor individual performance quickly and easily.
  • Provide online tests and assessments for online or classroom-based learners
  • Provide invigilated examinations
  • Use your time more efficiently. Automatic marking gives you more time for analysing results at the level of learners, tests and questions
  • Provide secure final examinations, especially for distributed learners
  • Create online tests as part of your interviewing screening process, ensuring consistent questions are asked, less time is spent in screening candidates and answers are easily comparable
  • Create and deliver fun and entertaining quizzes.
  • Conduct online surveys for client, learner or consumer profiling
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