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About VirtualAssessor™

VirtualAssessor Functionality

VirtualAssessor comprises two parts: the Administrator System from which tests and learners are administered; and the Assessor system in which the learner accesses tests or surveys.

VirtualAssessor™ Administrator System

The VirtualAssessor™ Administrator System enables trainers and authors to create manage, maintain and deliver any tests, surveys or quizzes they have designed.

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Creating Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers are created and managed in categories and sub-categories via Question Bank Manager. They can be edited, deleted, copied and moved between banks.

  • Question formats: Multiple Choice, Yes/No, True/False, freeform, numeric, pick lists, matching, fill in the blank, hotspot. Q&A can include HTML and a spell checker.
  • Multimedia: images, video, virtual tours, sound and hyperlinks
  • Scoring mechanisms: question weighting and negative marking

Creating Tests / Surveys

The Test Manager manages the publishing, revising and archiving of tests/surveys. It enables you to search, include optional and compulsory sections, copy tests/surveys, and select questions sequentially or randomly from Question Banks. Tests/Surveys can be previewed, printed and scores for paper versions can be manually captured. In addition test properties include the following:

  • Show immediate results, solutions, print certificate
  • Various feedback and reviewing options for each question or section
  • Secure Testing Environment (STE)
  • Invigilated sessions
  • Set and display time limits
  • Format tests/surveys to display one question or one section per page and milestone summaries
  • Preconditions for test taking
  • Test/Survey availability (by date, time and learner group)

Managing Learners

The Learner Manager enables you to create, find and access learner details and test histories. It displays detailed learner session information (number of sessions, learner's answers, results and session duration) for all tests taken by a particular learner.

Reporting on Results/Responses

The Report Manager enables you to generate various reports that can be displayed in VA, printed or exported to your PC for viewing in Excel.

Site and User Management

The User Manager allocates administrative permissions and roles for users. These include:

  • Helpdesk: can reset passwords only
  • Reporter: can run reports and access learner results
  • Manager: can run reports, access learner results, and access test question and answers
  • Invigilator: (used in an exam center environment) needs to verify learners and launch exam session
  • Author: can add question and answers only
  • Site and Global administrator: manages permissions and access to the site or system

The VirtualAssessor™ Learner interface

The Assessor system in which the learner accesses tests or surveys.

Taking a Test / Survey

The learner accesses tests, quizzes or surveys via the Internet or an intranet. The interface is fully customisable for your organization's corporate identity. Access can be configured to include pre-registration or self-registration of learners.

When setting up tests there are options to allow learners: flexible navigation through a test; feedback on answers; immediate scores and answers; and viewing of test history.

Tests can also be invigilated and/or delivered in a secure testing environment that limits printing, navigation and copy functionality.

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