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VirtualBook® Benefits

VirtualBook® provides an easy-to-use, sustainable learning environment resulting in more effective learning.

The VirtualBook® is designed to simulate the look and feel of a traditional book to effectively promote the learning and memory processes. With VirtualBook®, users will turn pages and use familiar study aids such as highlighters, while enjoying the interactivity of an online campus, search engines, sound, video, animation, progress charts, step-by-step instruction, and seamless e-mail.

VirtualBook® encourages active learning.

VirtualBook® provides tools that encourage active learning. These include various study aids, searchable FAQs, interactive bookmarks, video, WWW links, self-marking tests and remedial suggestions, newsgroups and chat.

VirtualBook® enables seamless integration with the Internet.

At the click of a mouse users can access the WWW.

VirtualBook® encourages communication.

Because VirtualBook® integrates seamlessly with the web and provides easy access to the Internet, it allows users to communicate with tutors and fellow students via email, associated newsgroups and chat sessions.

VirtualBook® enables progress monitoring.

When VirtualBook® is utilised for instructional purposes, a user's progress can be automatically monitored. Information about time spent studying and test results are stored in VirtualBook® and are available to both the student and instructor.

VirtualBook® development is user-centered.

VirtualBook® functionality is in a continual development and refinement phase. Feedback and input is received from students, publishers, educators, instructional designers, and programmers to name but a few. The development teams are made up of highly skilled individuals who are passionate about the appropriate utilisation of technology in this environment.

VirtualBook® enables scalable distribution.

VirtualBook® allows scalable distribution from individuals to small learning environments to large institutions. Its flexibility allows customisation even in a multi-user environment. Maintenance on networks is generally limited to creation of new user accounts.

VirtualBook® enables customisation.

VirtualBook® templates can be created to ensure that the look and feel of the material is consistent with the branding of your organisation.

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