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Business E-Mail Etiquette
Business E-mail Etiquette: Improving your Business and Electronic Communication

All business correspondence, including e-mail, should project a professional image of you and your company. Whether intended or not, your written word creates an impression - it is all the reader has to go on. [more]
Business Finance Fundamentals
Business Finance Fundamentals

Business Finance Fundamentals is a learning program aimed at equipping non financial people in business people with the skills they need to manage the financial aspects of their business more effectively. [more]
Finance for non-financial managers
Finance for non-financial managers

Finance for non-financial managers provides an understanding of the principles of financial management and illustrates how they should be applied in order to create wealth and maximise profit. Finance for non-financial managers is aimed at managers involved in marketing, human resources, information technology and supply chain management, and for professionals such as engineers, architects, attorneys and medical professionals in private practice. [more]
Green Your Business
Greening Your Business

Businesses that don't act to minimise their effect on the environment face a number of risks. Managing these risks effectively can produce cost savings, new products, create sustainable markets and community goodwill, and enhance your reputation. This course will help you get a grip on what is required to assess your organisation's position and risk, and formulate policy in line with legislative and international requirements, helping set your company on the road to sustainability. [more]
How Business Strategy Works in Practice
How Business Strategy Works in Practice

Business success does not come about by accident. It comes from a careful assessment of market opportunities, creative development of products and services, and implementation of a better business model. Of all the things managers do, planning the long term future is the most important In fact, good strategy and good implementation are the indicators of good management.[more]
Managing with Rolling Forecasts

Managing With Rolling Forecasts

Rolling forecasts direct management's attention towards the future, and ensure that planning is ongoing, as opposed to an annual exercise. This publication explains in practical terms how to design and implement a rolling forecast system. Many diagrams, practical examples and case studies illustrate how rolling forecasts work in practice, and how to use forecasts in management meetings [more]

Marketing in South Africa

Marketing in South Africa

This new edition of Marketing in South Africa: Cases and concepts offers an even broader collection of case studies which aim to provide the reader with excellent examples of uniquely South African marketing theory and practice. [more]

Professional Communication
Professional Communication: How to deliver effective written and spoken messages

Professional Communication is a comprehensive, interactive text on communication principles and methods. It is an ideal tool for all professionals in business and industry who have to write and speak during the course of their work. The publication covers skills for writing business documents, correspondence, CVs, proposals and business plans, and giving presentations using PowerPoint visuals. It also covers research techniques, referencing, styles of writing for study purposes, academic proposals and theses.[more]
Risk Management and Treasury Operations
Risk Management and Treasury Operations

This publication will highlight and discuss all aspects related to the management of risks in the treasury environment as well as the various functions that are performed in the Treasury Operations area in an easily understandable and comprehensible structure to ensure that the learning experience is fruitful, enjoyable and rewarding. [more]
Simply Successful Marketing for Small Business
Simply Successful Marketing for Small Businesses

This publication provides a comprehensive yet succinct guideline of all the key marketing elements that entrepreneurs need to know to ensure that their products or services are marketed effectively and efficiently.[more]
Simply Successful Selling
Simply Successful Selling

Simply Successful Selling is a concise, practical and comprehensive self-study book for new salespeople in retail, manufacturing and services sector. It deals with each step of the selling cycle, as well as how to handle difficult prospective customers, and understand buyer behaviour and buying signals. [more]
Simply Successful Small Business
Simply Successful Small Business

Simply Successful Small Business is aimed at new or prospective entrepreneurs, who need to acquire the basic knowledge and skills required to start a new small business.[more]
Solving Problems: The KALM way
Solving Problems: The KALM way

The "Solving Problems: The KALM Way" course teaches learners to use the Six Step Process to problem solving and the 'Six Thinking Hats' problem solving techniques. In addition, it examines what is required to make one a truly effective problem solver by highlighting the importance of one's own attitude and emotional intelligence. [more]
Time Management: A Different Outlook
Time Management: A Different Outlook

This course teaches learners how to approach and structure time in a more effective way by using time-saving techniques and planning tools. Training on using the 'Task' and 'Planning' functionality in Microsoft Outlook is also included. [more]
Time Value of Money<
Time Value of Money

This publication examines the arithmetic used in determining the time value of money and the numerous ways in which time, and the accumulation of interest within that time, can affect the future value of money borrowed or invested.[more]
Understanding FAIS
Understanding FAIS:

The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, No. 37 of 2002 ('FAIS Act') came into effect on 15 November 2002 and has had far reaching effects not only on FSPs and their representatives, but also for the consumer. [more]
Understanding FICA
Understanding FICA:

FICA, the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, No. 38 of 2001, established a regulatory anti-money laundering system for South Africa. FICA has had major implications for the 'accountable institutions' and is not to be taken lightly. [more]
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