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show.hideWhat is VirtualBook®?

show.hideWhat is the VirtualBook® Reader?

show.hideDoes the VirtualBook® Reader cost me anything?

show.hideWhere can I get a copy of the VirtualBook® Reader?

show.hideHow does the Licensing of VirtualBook® work?

show.hideHow do I open my VirtualBook® Course?

show.hideWhat is an activation key and how can I get one?

show.hideWhat types of operating systems can the VirtualBook® Reader run on?

show.hide Do I need to re-install the VirtualBook® Reader every time I get new content?

show.hideDo I need to learn a whole new set of skills to use VirtualBook®?

show.hideHow much does it cost to buy content for the VirtualBook® Reader?

show.hideSome of my toolbar functions are not working. Should they all work all the time?

show.hideMy activation code did not work and my VirtualBook® Reader is not unlocked.

show.hideCan I edit the published content of a VirtualBook®?

show.hideCan I edit my answers, notes and other entries in VirtualBook®?

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