VirtualBook® BENEFITS

provides an easy-to-use, sustainable learning environment resulting in more effective learning

The VirtualBook® is a user-friendly multimedia-rich environment that includes activities, videos, animations, simulations and links to supplementary resources such as documents and templates.

encourages active learning

VirtualBook® provides tools that encourage active learning. These include various study aids such as bookmarks, highlights and notes. A comprehensive search engine  allows you to search your annotations as well as the published text.

Activities include multiple choice quizzes, pick lists, hotspots, fill-in-the-blank,  drag and drop, free-form.

enables seamless integration to assessments

At the click of a mouse users can access online assessments located on VirtualAssessor®.

enables customisation

VirtualBook® templates can be created to ensure that the look and feel of the material is consistent with the branding of your organisation.

protects content

VirtualBook® uses copyright protection to manage access to courses and prevent unlicensed copying of content.

development is user-centered

VirtualBook® functionality is in a continual development and refinement phase. Feedback and input is received from students, publishers, educators, instructional designers, and programmers.

enables scalable distribution

VirtualBook® allows scalable distribution from individuals and small learning environments to large institutions. Its flexibility allows customisation even in a multi-user environment.